Wildra Labradors first started breeding in 1996 with Mariska Jessois (Tessa) who was only meant to
be the family pet, but the second she had her first litter we fell in love with the puppies and decided to
start breeding with Labradors.

We bought Chezenko Bedazzled (Niki) a few years later. Her HD and ED were 0.0 and her SAVA eye test was crystal clear. Niki also had DNA tests done and tested clear from PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).
Niki is currently still living with us and enjoying her retirement.
One of Niki’s pups, Wildra Dazzling Star (Zoe), has given us beautiful pups, some of which have
become therapy dogs. Zoe is also the granddaughter of Saranden Saboteur who is the top show dog
in the United Kingdom.  Zoe tested HD: A2, A2 and ED: 0, 0., Sava Eye test clear and DNA tested clear
from PRA and EIC.
We then bought Craignair Head Over Heels (Anisa) HD: B1, B1 and ED: 0, 0, DNA TEST PRA Clear and
EIC Clear.  Anisa gave us two beautiful daughters, Wildra Sanlie Coetzer (Sanlie) and Wildra Mystic
Dream (Misty). Sanlie tested HD: B1, B1 and ED: 0.0, her SAVA eyes test clear and DNA test for PRA clear.

Misty is the baby of our family and while she still has to grow up, she brings us an infinite amount of
happiness each day. Misty’s father is Wildra Little Bear, who is also the brother of Wildra Dazzling Star.
Misty is still too young to be tested for HD and ED but DNA tested clear from PRA & EIC.

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